September 13th, 2005

Chocolate chip cookies may lead to saving lives

Until September 18th, purchasing double-sized chocolate chip smile cookies will help increase the chance of surviving a heart attack in North Bay.

The smile cookies are on sale at Tim Hortons locations throughout North Bay at a cost of $1 each and Tim Hortons is donating the profits from the cookie sales to the Lifeline Public Access Defibrillator Program.

The Smile cookie program takes place all over Canada, with the communities deciding which charity the proceeds will go towards. The program originated in 1996 in Hamilton, Ontario, to help raise funds for the Hamilton Children's Hospital.

"They are good too by the way," Deputy Mayor Peter Chirico said during Monday night's council meeting.

"I snacked one down a couple of minutes ago."

Chirico explained that the defibrillators would be going into high traffic areas such as arenas, so that the devices will be quickly available to those who might need them.

"Every minute counts," Chirico said.

"We can save lives."